About Us
After 40 years of being in the construction industry. Seeing the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, a decision was formed to start Bathroom Redesign by a couple of determined people. With an idea, a dream and willingness to work hard and strive to provide a quality of service next to none, Bathroom Redesign & Repair came to life in August of 2005.

Backed by over 4 decades of unmatched knowledge and experience, Bathroom Redesign delivers top-notch services that deliver superior results at very competitive costs. From all types of flooring, to cabinetry, to full on bathroom or kitchen remodeling, you can count on the seasoned redesign and repair experts here at Bathroom Redesign!
Having done this for so long, what keeps us going and maintaining a superior level of service are our customers.
It is deeply satisfying to stand back with the homeowner after their project is completed - in some cases it's weeks of designing, planning, preparing but, when it's all over... bringing their vision to life and allowing them to realize their dream is something that's truly fulfilling. 
Seeing how they react now that they have the kitchen or bathroom they have always wanted makes all the hard work well worth it. The wall that always bothered them is gone.
 The old stained carpet has been replaced with beautiful tile. It may be something so huge that it changes the dimension of their home for the better - or for some, it can be as simple as moving out the tub to make room for a new shower and a larger, safer place for mom to bathe.
Dear Customer,
It is our goal at Bathroom Redesign & Repair to provide a quality service that is fast, friendly, professional and affordable.
Thanks again for your business.
There's no need to wait! Call us today from at 602-438-(BATH)
or 480-438-(BATH) or email us at bathroomredesign@gmail.com